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Access Advanced Capabilities

Integrating Experience and Innovation

for Future Technologies


The SCFED Project draws its strength from the breadth of experience, skills and facilities that it integrates. These capabilities are provided by a diverse set of established research groups with access to the latest scientific equipment.

Our team has a track record of producing/protecting new IP and engaging with industry partners to exploit our new technologies. You can find out more about the opportunities for partnership by contacting:



Our Integrated Capabilities


  • Electrodeposition in complex systems

  • Synthesis of chemical electrolytes and reagents

  • Growth of tailored mesoporous materials

  • Studies of supercritical fluid phase behaviour

  • SCFED of ordered metal and semiconductor nanostructures

  • Design of high pressure and temperature systems

  • Materials science expertise

  • Materials characterization facilities

  • (inc. Raman Spectroscopy, WDX, EDX)

  • Nanofabrication facilities (inc. nanowire electrical contacting)

  • Facilities for advanced Electron Microscopy (TEM/SEM/FEGSEM)

  • Laser and optical systems development