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Programme Director - Prof. Phil Bartlett FRS (Southampton)

Director & Head of Electrochemistry (Southampton): Prof. Philip Bartlett

Researcher-ID: C-4606-2008

Programme Deputy-Director - Prof. David Smith (Southampton, Characterization and Nano-fabrication)

Deputy-Director & Head of Charaterisation (Southampton): Prof. David Smit

Researcher-ID: B-1485-2010

Senior Investigator - Dr. Jeremy Sloan (Warwick, Electron Microscopy)

Head of Electron Microscopy (Warwick): Dr. Jeremy Sloan

Researcher-ID: C-7144-2009

Senior Investigator - Prof. Gill Reid (Southampton, Synthetic Chemistry)

Head of Synthetic Chemistry (Southampton): Prof. Gill Reid

Researcher-ID: B-9110-2009

Senior Investigator - Prof. Mike George (Nottingham, Supercritical Fluids) Head of Fundamental SCF Research (Nottingham): Prof. Mike George
Senior Investigator - Dr. Andrew Hector (Southampton, Mesoporous Templates)

Head of Templates Development (Southampton): Prof. Andrew Hector

Researcher-ID: B-8344-2009

Co-Investigator Electron Micrscopy (Warwick): Dr. Richard Beanland

Researcher-ID: D-7696-2012

Supporting Investigator - Prof. William Levason (Southampton, Synthetic Chemistry)

Co-Investigaor Synthetic Chemistry (Southampton): Prof. William Levason

Researcher-ID: C-3059-2009



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